Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Year Without Cookies - Week 21

(With the dawn, I still go on dreaming of you...)

Week 21 of no cookies and soda. No sweat here! Except for that which can be attributed to the rising temperatures hitting NYC in this sunny last week of May. June is almost upon us! Memorial Day Weekend marks the unofficial start of summer and the official start of me constantly drinking lemonade. I looooove me some lemonade. And the fridge will be well-stocked with it for the summer. Sure it's all sugar, but it's not soda, so it doesn't count as being bad for you! YUM. Who needs you, soda? Not me.

Thursday I had to go to Migu's Field Day. It was on a soccer field over in Riverside Park. It was so hot that day! Luckily I wore light clothing to keep cool and had a tall glass of water during the provided lunch to keep me hydrated. Lunch was delicious pizza and fried chicken. I could not remember the last time I had fried chicken. Perhaps last year's field day? Oh, it was so good. Sweet and delicious watermelon was the provided dessert. As I went to sit and eat next to Migu however, I noticed that one of the students had brought an entire box of Chips Ahoy cookies to share. There was a fleeting moment where I wanted to steal the whole box of cookies for myself. Just rip them right out of his hands! No one should have cookies if I'm not having cookies!! This impulse passed quickly.

Dreams of cookies and soda have returned. I honestly think what happened at Field Day triggered them. I had a double whammy dream this week where I was consuming them both, and then in the dream I got so confused. Was I supposed to be eating them? Was I not? Didn't my Year Without Cookies actually happen years ago? I couldn't figure it out. It had been weeks and weeks without one of these dreams. Now they are back. Sigh. Five weeks to the half year mark. We forge ahead!

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