Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Year Without Cookies - Week 19

(Simple Goodness, Indeed!)

I want Nilla Wafers so badly. They are so good. I remember their deliciousness like I had them just yesterday, when I know it has at least been 19 weeks since the last time I had one. Those amazing little cookies chased down a tall glass of milk? Uhhhhh, so good!

Nilla wafers have been hounding me everywhere lately too. There is an entire end cap of 'em at the CVS on my corner. They are the first thing you see right when you walk in. Every time I go in there I just wanna rip the boxes open with my teeth and then chow down on the small golden cookies inside.

Also my coworker Tony brought a box of them into work just to torture me. I’m not being ego-centric about this. He told me that's why he brought them in - just to mess with me. Also, Suki and I took a snack break the other day to get ice cream at the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck down in Union Square. He has all these crazy flavor cones there you've never heard of - like a wasabi cone and fig juice cone and all these other weirdo flavors. I got a somewhat normal cone that was vanilla and dulce de leche dipped in chocolate sauce (the only weird thing was the sea salt that was sprinkled on it - which tasted DELICIOUS), but the cone i really wanted was called the "Bea Arthur" and for all its other qualities, it was covered in a layer of crushed Nilla Wafers which made unfortunately put it on the No-Can-Do List.

I want that Bea Arthur Cone! 20 weeks is around the corner. And then it's pretty much a hop, skip and a jump to 26 weeks. And then I'm getting my Bea Arthur cone. I'm getting all my Nilla Wafers back. You hear me, self-imposed abstinence that I can stop at any time?? 7 more weeks and then I'm taking my wafers back!!

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