Thursday, April 28, 2011

Much Like Seinfeld, I Choose Not To Run!


Of the way we were!

Okay,, technically they chose FOR me, but the end result is the same. I won't be running the 2011 NYC Marathon. I didn't get selected in the lottery, I didn't partake in my guaranteed entry from NY Road Runners, and I already determined I was not gonna do the big charity drive this year. I was on the fence about doing the race again this year, so I applied in a way that just left it up to fate. I accept the news with both a sense of Relief and Regret. As anyone who's seen Kill Bill Volume 2 can tell you, you can easily feel both of those "R's" at the same time, but you probably feel one more than you do the other. Well right now, the "R" I most feel is relief. When I started my Marathon Quest back in 2008, I always envisioned it as a three-year deal. And I did, in fact, do it for three years, and each year the race was an unbelievably amazing experience. I ran well and I always avoided serious injury on both the day of the race and in the months of training leading up to it, which is nothing short of a minor miracle. To go a fourth consecutive time felt a bit like I was pushing my luck - at least in terms of successive years. Physically and mentally, I wanted a break from the training this summer. Even though Marathon Day in the city is amazing, and come that first week in November, I'm sure the "R" I will feel most is regret, my participation this year will be just to cheer from the sidelines. Maybe that experience will reignite the spark in me to run it again. Or maybe this Spring,I'll decide I simply can't not run SOME place, and I'll apply for the Disney World Marathon which would be in January 2012 and would be TOTALLY AWESOME. So we'll see if we can make that happen. Oh dear. Look, the seed is already planted in my brain. Gah! But as for now, I choose not to run! I'll see you this summer on the tennis courts. :)

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