Sunday, April 24, 2011

Rafa Picks up Six: Another Title in Barcelona!

(Once again, for the sixth time, it's the sweet taste of victory!)

April is always an exciting month for posting because it consistently comes with so many title wins for Rafa! Today Nadal beat David Ferrer 6-2, 6-4 to claim his sixth Barcelona Open title Sunday. It was their second face-off in a tournament final in as many weeks. So exciting for Rafa!

To review, Nadal had won Barcelona from 2005-09. This is actually Nadal's third time beating Ferrer in the Final, after beating him at the same point in 2008 and 2009. Last year, Rafa skipped Barcelona because the rest of the tour schedule was organized too close together and he needed an extra week of rest. Nadal’s only loss in Barcelona came way back in 2003. (!!!)

Nadal is now the first player to win two tournaments six or more times in Open Era tennis. He's actually won Monte SEVEN times as of last week. This marks Nadal’s 45th career ATP title and his 31st clay court title, which means he has moved into third place all time by himself on that list. The last time he lost on clay was at the 2009 French Open. And he plays on clay A LOT.

Rafa's career mark is now 501-105. That is one impressive palindrome of a record! He has also gone another year without losing a game in April. So that's six years now. We'll see if someone can take him down in 2012. Step it up, competition! :)

Rafa looks in really great form heading into the upcoming tournaments in Madrid and of course Roland Garros. Let's hope he can pull off another Masters Clay Sweep! Vamos!

(trophy envy)

Before I go though, I need to point out how ridiculous the difference is between the Winner's Trophy and The runner's up dish in Barcelona. The Trophy is GINORMOUS and it looks like Ferrer was given a doggie bowl for all his efforts. I mean, seriously, the runner up should get something a little better than that. Ferrer worked really hard and is having an incredible season. He shouldn't be made to feel inadequate! Let's give the runner up something a little more special next year, shall we, tournament organizers?? Thanks for your consideration. Vamos Rafa!

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