Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Year Without Cookies - Week 16

(Cadburry Eggs have died. Cadburry Eggs have risen. Cadburry Eggs will come again.)

Week 16 is here and, seriously, it's Holy Week, so who the eff really needs cookies anyway? There are seasonally-themed sources of chocolate and sugar EVERYWHERE! Chocolate Bunnies, Cadburry Eggs, Egg-Shaped Reese's Buttercups, brightly-colored Hersey's kisses. All that's missing is a springtime version of Mallomars and I'd be in sweets heaven. And - if you swing that way - there are PEEPS! Not, my thing, but maybe you were born that way.

(Don't be a drag, just be a queen.)

Still, I continue to pass on the cookies and soda. I went to the movies yesterday to see Rio (BOOOORING!) while babysitting Migu and I got us both bottles of water to drink during the movie. LOL. I'm such an un-fun babysitter. (I did get us popcorn and a bag of Reese's pieces to snack on, so I'm not totally mean. Water is good! And Migu liked the movie enough so it was a successful outing.)

Even though I have been scarfing down the Easter Candy, I don't feel so bad about it because since my show closed, I need to indulge in some candy vices to fight off Post-Show Malaise. And also because the show has closed, I finally have time to go back to the gym and work off the candy poundage. Also, this coming Wednesday I'll find out if I'm running the NYC Marathon again or not this year via the lottery and if I do, that will seriously increase my gym/exercise time, so the 6 Reese's eggs i eat today will never show! It's a beautiful system this thing called taking in less calories than you burn! Isn't that what they teach on The Biggest Loser? I always fast forward through the nutritional parts, but it sounds right to me. No, but for serious, it's time to start eating healthier again after Easter Sunday, and that's what I plan to do.

Week 17 is on its way! Bring on the gym! Bring on the healthier foods! I'm ready!

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