Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Year Without Cookies - Week 15

(Fifteen weeks without a cookie can turn Owen into a Nutter.)

Man... I wanted cookies so much this week! I think maybe it had something to do with the final weekend of my show and wanted some extra chocolate chip comfort. Everyday at work there was a new temptation. E.L. Fudge. Oreo's, Chips Ahoy. Nutter Butters - everything looked so good! Couldn't they have given me one day where it was only thoroughly unappetizing oatmeal raising cookies in the jar?

I also was craving some soda. A bottle of root beer with a bag of chips for snack, a tall glass of ginger ale with Chinese food for lunch, an ocean-sized soda with popcorn at the movies. Picking non-soda alternatives on these occasions was not easy. Could my resolve finally be breaking down 105 days in? Hey! I just realized I passed the 100 day mark. We are now talking triple digits! Craaazy.

Even if a certain level of craving is rearing its ugly head, I have 20 weeks in my sights and I'm determined to get there. After that, we'll have to see. But 20? You are mine!

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