Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Year WIthout Cookies - Weeks 13 AND 14

(I require mint chocolate versions of these cookies immediately!)

Well, life has been extremely busy with the play, and it hasn't left me a lot of time to blog about my eating habits, but you'll be happy/amazed/relieved to know that I'm still on the wagon - no cookies or soda for me. We are now passed the 3-month mark! Yeah peeps, 25% of 2011 is over! Get crackin' on that To Do list!

I had my first dream about eating cookies last week. It was a strong companion piece to my usual dreams about drinking soda. In the dream, I was having an argument with some girl I don't know in real life, and it got pretty heated. During one testy exchanged I reached over to this table next to me and there was a box of Chips Deluxe Super Chunky Mint Chocolate Cookies*. I started shoveling them into my mouth, and then as I was chewing, realized I was not supposed to have them. I rationalized with myself that 13 weeks was a decent amount of time to have gone without them, but still i spit them out into my hand and then carried the goop around with me for the rest of the dream. Lovely image, ain't it?
*-there's no such cookie as this, which is how I knew I didn't actually break my fast. But seriously, Keebler Elves? Get crackin' on this recipe!

Well I'm glad my subconscious mind has finally gotten to cookies where it's been with soda for weeks and weeks. Spring is here (theoretically, it's still effing cold in NYC) and people have been both out and about AND apparently baking up a storm, since everywhere I go people are bringing with them tupperwares full of freshly baked cookies. Doesn't anyone make brownies anymore? Is that so much to ask? I find out if I'm running this year's NYC Marathon again at the end of the month. If I get back into running (I've been on unofficial hiatus the past couple months as the play has consumed all my non-work time) then I'll need extra calorie intake and the lure of cookies might be too strong. We'll see. Time has been flying by lately, and soon week 15 will be upon us!!

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