Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Timing of a Day: Center Stage Round Up!

(We've still got one shot left! Group photo! Everyone get on the couch!)

So even though I'm still firmly in denial that the current run of The Timing of a Day has concluded at Center Stage, NY, I think I should face the truth long enough to send some thank you's out into the interwebs. It was a very artistically and emotionally fulfilling experience to bring the show back to the stage for a three-week run and it would not have been possible without the hard work of a lot of people besides yours truly.

First I'd like to thank my friends at Mind The Art Entertainment and Intimation Productions for financing the run and working so hard to get all the pre-production requirements in place. Special shout outs to Christan, Ariana, Joe, Cheryl, Jesse, Rachel, Ashley, Keelie, and David. In connection with them I'd like to thank Les for working on PR and Manny for working the box office. I'd also like to thank Elite Signs for allowing us to rehearse in their amazing loft space. And to Elegance Under Pressure for coordinating the Benefit Gala. Everyone put in an unbelievable effort!

I'd like to send out a thank you to my good buddy LMM and el jefe, LAM, for their belief in me and there support of the show and all their help with making our Gala Benefit performance such a fun time and great success. Thanks, guys!

To my beautiful designers, Marciel, Dick, Jared and Mike I'd like to thank you for making the stage look so amazing. The apartment looked great. The transitions looked and sounded beautiful. I couldn't hope for a more talented and attractive design team. I must give special shout out to Marciel who tried her best to rewrite all the cues with us via skype when mere hours before one performance it was discovered our Light Board from Hell had erased all the cues to the show! (Another special shout out to David, our Asst. Director who manually ran the lights through the entire performance because of the light board fiacso and did an amazing job.) Super love to you all.

To Daniella who called the show and had to deal with all the ghosties in the theater and our aforementioned ancient possessed light board, thanks for all your work and tenacity in the face of electroplasmic odds. To Gracie, who ran the entire backstage and organized the dozens and dozens of props and costume changes by herself in almost no wing space, I bow down and do the "we're not worthy" arm wave. I have no idea why you agreed to take on such a crazy task, other than that you knew how desperately I needed someone back there who could do it... and maybe I might have undersold the enormity of the task when you first accepted the position. Either way, you rock and made every performance a tremendous success.

To Beth, Nik, Miguel and Justin. My Fantastic Four. Such an amazing cast. Thank you for your intense dedication to the play and for committing to the process and always being there on stage for each other. It was a pleasure to watch you bring such depth and emotion to these characters night after night. I am infinitely proud of the work you've done. I love you all endlessly.

And of course, the last personal acknowledgement must go to my lovely and immensely talented director, Joey Brenneman. She has become such an amazing positive force in my life over the past year. I'm such a lucky person to have reconnected with her over this project. Not a day goes by when I'm not impressed by her talent, her strength, her thoughtfulness and her artistic inspiration. There are not enough words to express my gratitude and affection for this amazing woman. If you see her name connected to any upcoming project, run to see it. Her work is worth your time. You rock, lady. :)

And then lastly, I would generally like to thank everyone who came to see the show, everyone who donated money to our fundraising efforts, anyone not in NYC who made the journey to be in the audience (seeing non nyc-based friends in the audience always sends my heart a'flutter.) but also to everyone who could not make it who sent a kind supportive word, liked the show on facebook, liked a status or a positive review, and encouraged other people to come out and see what we were doing. It really means so much to have your support. For those who could only be there in spirit, we definitely felt you there urging us on.

So now we'll see over the next couple months where and when we might be able to bring the show back. I will definitely keep you updated. In the meantime, there is one last way you can help support the show. We are in the running for several New York Innovative Theater Awards. You can vote for us! Follow this link. From here click where it says Vote on the upper left hand side of the screen. Then click Audience Ballot. You will have to register at the site, but all they require is your email address and a password, you don't have to fill in a bunch of personal info. Then you just select The Timing of a Day, the performance you attended and give us 10's across the board in all our nominated categories. It's easy!

I want to say again a very sincere thank you to everyone out there who has been supportive of me and supportive of the show during the past year with these two productions. This has been such an unbelievably enriching and exciting experience, that I will continue to cherish always. I have so many other stories I want to tell, and I am in the process of writing them down and getting them out there, and I hope you'll be interested in seeing what comes next!

Best Always,

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