Friday, February 25, 2011

A Year Without Cookies - Week 8

(Not what the Doctor ordered! Even if his name was Dr. Pepper!)

Another successful week without cookies and soda has come and gone! And now we are right on March's doorstep. That means it's almost 2 months without these sugary vices. Although this week saw plenty of other sweets in chocolate form being consumed. Brownies galore. Mini-chocolates too. And there was this delicious brownie bite thingy that bestie Sammy introduced me too. Mmmmm! I know I can't just overcompensate for a lack of cookies by packing on more kinds of sugary snacks. But cookies are an every day struggle and brownies and chocolate bars are more of a seasonal mistress. Now that Runaways Reunion and Oscar Awards Season are behind us, so go the need to have tasty dessert treats on hand. BFF commented last night that I looked thinner than usual. She knows the way into my heart.

This week I had a bit of a cold and when my throat hurts, I usually turn to ginger ale for soothing comfort. I had some in the house following Runaways Reunion, but I opted to stay soda-pure and stuck to drinking water, tea with honey, and Gatorade for relief. Now I'm back to feeling fine. Woohoo! I didn't even give in to my sickness crutch. I am stronger than ever. I know I can make it to double digit weeks! I know I can!

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