Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Year Without Cookies - Week 7

How much longer can I keep this going?

Week 7 and I'm still going strong. Well, I don't know about "strong" but I'm still going. The dreams about soda seem to have finally subsided. Cookies have become nothing but a distant memory. They're just some mistake from my past that I don't really remember but still somehow feel guilty about. Physical conditioning remains at its peak... even if mental conditioning sometimes wears down.

This weekend has brought a new challenge. I have allowed soda into my home. I had to have some here. I hosted a party on Saturday night and I couldn't not offer people soda. What kind of host would I have been? People need something with which to mix their hard alcohol! At least when it came to dessert, my friend Gracie made brownies so I wouldn't have to deal with cookies. Homemade cookies in front of me would have been an automatic Game Over. But of course now there is leftover soda in my apartment. I figured if I just made it through the weekend, I could leave the extra in the kitchen at work, but I forgot Monday was a National Holiday and I have off (hooray!). Now it's also turned into a snow day (boo!) which means I'll spend most of the day trapped indoors with these carbonated sugar beverages, and my refrigerator is making jumping noises at me Requiem for a Dream-style. For the record, it's not the coke that's the problem. I can avoid coke, even though the bottle has been opened already... hmm... No, no. It's really the ginger ale that's out to get me. I love ginger ale for some reason. It settles my tummy. And it doesn't really taste like soda to me. It just tastes like deliciousness...

Still I think I can hold out. When I make an arbitrary decision to not do something, I can not do that thing forever and ever! Even if I really want to do it! I can prove a point to myself like nobody's business. Especially when there's no need to prove anything! Onward to Week 8, I say!

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