Friday, July 31, 2009

SYTYCD - Top 6, So You Think You Need Rest

This was not a stand out week of the show for me. I thought everyone looked kinda tired. I wasn't into either Melissa and Evan's Broadway routine or their Quick Step. I thought Jeanine and Ade's Samba was stiff, but their Hip Hop was fun. I don't remember Brandon and Kayla's contemporary piece AT ALL, though I'm sure I watched it, and then their disco was really challenging and cool but seemed to get them winded before it ended. Which brings me to the conundrum of Season 5. It's a field where they are all exceptional, but none of them really stand out and it almost gives the impression that none of them are exceptional. Or rather, the dancing is always good but you only see the great choreography, not the great dancer. The intense character behind the dancers of seasons past is not there. I'm more interested to see what routine they are dancing then to see them dance a routine, if you note the distinction. Plus, they all seem as equally tired as they do talented right now. If the show was looked at as a marathon of dance, they are almost to the finish but are collectively hitting the wall. I feel like they want to break through, there just doesn't seem to be enough left in the tank.

I thought this was especially evident during the results show where they brought back the 4 Emmy-nominated dances from last season. Katee walks out on stage to do "Mercy" with Twitch and her whole energy bursts through as if she is gonna rip Twitch's throat out as she leaps and kicks around the stage (FYI - "leaps and kicks" are technical dance terms). Mark and Chelsea's Bleeding Love routine was even better than I remembered it too. Clearly these routines have benefited from being featured on the national tour. It's just so visceral. There was nothing visceral about the Top 6 performances on Wednesday, and I think that's why you get these odd statements from the judges where they note that the dancing is amazing technically but they can't really sink their teeth into the dancers like they want to do. Don't get me wrong: there have been amazing routines throughout this season. They have plenty to pull from this year to create an awesome finale episode - one that really features all the Top 20. I think the Top 4 performances can also be really strong. I just hope they give the last four a day or two to rest this week, so they don't go into the Finals hopped up on Jessie Spano's over-the-counter caffeine pills.

For links to the week's best performance, plus an encore from Season 4, click here, and here

We say goodbye to Melissa and Ade this week. They were my favorite original couple. I didn't really think either one would win the whole thing though, so i guess it's fitting that they exit together. They'll be missed, but I'm sure they'll be featured in the big Finale next Thursday. I would be happy with a Season 5 win from Brandon, Jeanine or Kayla. Evan still has only had one really good routine and that was back with Randi. I honestly don't understand his lasting appeal in a dance competition. He's cute, he's sweet, he's talented but he doesn't really execute the different styles well. The others offer a lot more week after week, in my opinion. I'm gonna have to really pick up the phone and vote next week. The title of America's Favorite Dancer hangs in the balance!

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