Friday, July 24, 2009

SYTYCD - Top 8, 100 Episodes In

So this week brings us to 100 Episodes of SYTYCD. Even a Presidential Prime Time News Conference couldn't stop this hot tamale train's momentum. We were treated to tons of routines by (mostly) new couples, got encore performances from previous seasons' Emmy-winning routines (there was a tie for the win in 2007 between Wade and Mia which is why we are lucky to get two Season 2 performances) there was a bizarre taped appearance by Katie Holmes, plus a shocking elimination. Overall, it was three busy hours of dance this week!

Performance night was uneven, with the dancers having to dance for times: a group number, a solo number and two partnered numbers. The group number was cool, but all the couples had at least one low-energy dance routine, mostly coming in the first hour of the show. I was pretty sure Melissa and Ade (reunited! and it feels so good!) would be going home after their first number but then their second number was a very emotional routine exploring the emotional depths of breast cancer, and that number really eclipsed everything else. Kayla and Jason's routines were solid, Jeanine and Brandon struggled a bit and Janette and Evan? I thought both of their routines were kinda forgettable. That proved to be worse for Janette than Evan - who has never been in the bottom 2, always gets the harshest critiques and has now seen 2 of his three partners get eliminated. Are you really gonna put him through to the finals, Voting Public? Disappointing. Janette, you left too soon and we will miss you. I also thought Jason had earned a ticket through with his performances this week, but his up and down journey through the rankings finally landed him at the bottom. I'm glad he made it to Top 10 though, because his last few routines were very good and he showed himself to be a much better dancer than at the beginning.

The much hyped Katie Holmes performance was really ridiculous and the less said about it the better. I'm sure her heart is in the right place with this charity they are starting, but I just don't see her as a dancer. Or a singer. Sorry! I hope everyone involved had a fun time.

Embedded below are my favorite routines of the week. You can also find them here, here and for an encore, here.

Top 6 Next Week - Let's see who makes it to The Finale. Can Evan keep up his unbelievable streak and stay out of the bottom? We shall see. Until then, dancers, happy 100th episodes and indulge in some of that birthday cake. I have a feeling you'll burn those empty calories right off.

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