Wednesday, July 8, 2009

SYTYCD - Top 14 - Vampires vs. Aliens

Here it is, Top 12 week and I barely remembered to say something nice about top 14. It was an odd week. There were some good routines and some not so good routines and some really strange routines which might have been good or bad depending on your taste. For my money, Melissa and Ade and Branden and Jeanette are the strongest dancers and I always love their routines. Fading fast are Caitlin and Jason and Evan and Randi. Somewhere hiding in the middle ground are Phillip and Jeanine and Kupono and Kayla. Appropriately cut were Vitolio and Carla. Carla won my heart at the last moment, but the judges LOVE Kayla and Jeanine had the best solo in the history of solos (so I'm told by the judges, so it must be true) and Carla was odd dancer out. Vitolio had been struggling to avoid elimination for weeks so his elimination was no surprise - although Kupono's detached solo made it a closer call than it needed to be. Below are three of my favorite dances from this week. You can also find them here, here and here. I'm really interested to see how Top 12 results pan out. Some of the more popular dancers had a not so great week (I'm looking mostly at you, Evan!) so we'll see what voters decide. Top 10 and the Tour await!

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