Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Federer's Fight For A First: Fourth Round - Roger the Artful Dodger

Holy Crap. For a second there, I thought my little French Open Campaign truly WAS cursed. For a good while it looked like Roger Federer would be exiting early. Don't scare me like that! THEN who would I blog about? MONFILS? I don't think so. Luckily, FedEx turned it around and won in 5 sets 6-7 5-7 6-4 6-0 6-2. He’ll now meet the Frenchie Fav Gael Monfils in the quarterfinals. Hopefully there will be less flirting with disaster come Wednesday.

With Fed coming so close to tanking, you gotta think that part of the problem was that he was still reeling from Nadal's early loss and the golden opportunity it creates for him to FINALLY in this title. I mean he already didn't have to deal with Jokovic and now we also know he won't be dealing with Murray who lost to Gonzo in the 4th round. So Roger is the last man standing of the Big Four. Nadal's exit has to be the most exciting for him though. Here's Roger in his own words on having Rafa no longer looming in the other half of the draw: “

"You’re aware of it. Definitely changes it up, if I were to make the final. But we’re not there yet, so honestly it hasn’t changed a whole lot for me.”

LIES! We know you're thinking about it a LITTLE, Fed. It's okay. You're human! But I'm sure it's also clear to you that you have to play the two matches ahead of you before you get to the final.

I hope you take down Monfils with ease, Rog. You are undefeated against him. Don't tense up. Just do what you gotta do one more time. Err... Vamos? Sure, Vamos!

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