Saturday, June 6, 2009

Federer's Fight For A First: Semifinals - Fifth Set? No Sweat!

WTF. This could REALLY happen, y'all! My brain is going crazy. Federer, a newfound lover of dramatic play, had to come from behind (twice!) in the semifinal to beat No. 5 Juan Martin del Potro 3-6, 7-6 (2), 2-6, 6-1, 6-4. Fed has done a good job of showing renewed mental toughness in long matches, which had really been his problem when slugging it out over the past year with Rafa. Now Fed will play his fourth consecutive (!) Roland Garros final, and is trying for his 14th major title to match Pete Sampras AND (yes, there's an AND) hoping to complete his career Grand Slam.

If he wins he'll get handed the trophy by Andre Agassi, my previous Tennis Crush before he retired and Rafa came along. Andre is the last guy to complete a career Grand Slam, so if Roger can do it... oh, I'm already tearing up! But Soderling is playing ferociously, so who knows what will happen. I definitely believe the crowd will be all over Federer's jock tomorrow. They LOVE him and always wanted him to beat Rafa in their previous finals. What does Fed say?

"There’s still one more step. I was a bit lucky, but I fought well. Juan Martin was playing really well."

FedEx is 9-0 against Soderling, so on paper it should be no contest. But we don't play tennis matches on paper. Right now they're playing on clay, and it too tough to call! Whatever happens, tomorrow's match is definitely not to be missed. Vamos, Roger!

Side Note: I think it's totally ridiculous that NBC did not show the end of this match live yesterday. The Tennis Channel, ESPN2/NBC coverage of this tournament has been a total misfire. I feel like I had an easier time watching the Australian Open which is totally ridiculous given the time differences. I did appreciate getting to watch the end of the Fed/Del Potro match today on NBC with live commentary by people who didn't pretend they didn't know who won. But overall, they could definitely improve the way they broadcast this tournament.

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