Thursday, June 11, 2009

SYTYCD - Talent A'Plenty in the Top 20

And so another season of So You Think You Can Dance is ready to kick into high gear. I appreciate that there were only a couple weeks of early round action and not we can get to the good stuff. And there's so much good stuff this week! Considering that the show didn't introduce half the Top 20 to us before this week, we've got a lot of catching up to do. Why they spend the start of the season on people who don't make it all the way, I'll never understand. But anyway, the Top 20 is here and they are ready for action! I have no clear favorite right now, although I think I'll be rooting for Melissa the Ballerina. 29-year-olds need to represent!

Here are three of my favorite dances from last night. If you are reading on FB, you should click on View Original Post, or go look at them here, here or here.

Tony and Paris are gone now, and i think they are the right choices in a very strong and competitive Top 20. The solos from everyone in the Bottom Three Couples were just not good enough, and i think the voting public got the bottom 3 right this week. Bring it next week, if you're in the bottom again, folks. Otherwise your ass is gone!

Also of note, Cat Deely is the best person on the planet. Also also of note, Mary Murphy can't keep screaming at that decibel. She has raised the bar for incoherent screaming too high and will eventually reach her limit where the sound will go out of the human spectrum for hearing. I know she can give an articulate assessment of dance - I've heard it in the past for both dancers she enjoyed and dancers she thought didn't measure up. Go back to saying words beyond "hot tamale train," Mary. Don't let the botox destroy all critical thought, and in the process, my eardrums.

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