Sunday, June 7, 2009

2009 Tonys: Highlights in Reverse

Here are the things I remember about the 2009 Telecast basically going in reverse.

* Neil Patrick Harris singing the 11 o'clock number at 11:03 was FANTASTIC, especially the part where he said Angela Lansbury hooked up with Poison backstage. I thoroughly loved you tonight, NPH.

* My favorite Billy Elliot, David Alvarez, tearing up as his show won best Musical.

* Liza going out to announce Best Musical without the envelope. You know she was just gonna announce Billy Elliot and wasn't taking no for an answer.

*Alice Ripley dressed in stunning blue living up to her FIERCE reputation by yelling at all of us about ART!

* The Billys winning best Actor and then having no idea who should speak first, but then they launched into this amazing bit that I will assume is scripted or else I'll totally lose my shit about how adorable it was that each actor who thanked their family happened to have one more sister than the last kid who spoke. Awesome.

* The Jersey Boys number provided a good opportunity to see the Lakers leading in overtime on ABC.

* Karen's award speech was so beautiful and heartfelt! Loved it!

* The Legally Blonde number provided a good opportunity to see the Magic lose their slim lead in the 4th quarter.

* Hair's win almost meant death by trampling for pint-sized Kristen Chenoweth who only seconds after announcing the win because engulfed in a sea of giant excited dancers.

* Hair's musical number kicked butt and had some really intense audience participation/molestation going on up in there.

* DHP and Sushi... I tell ya his script was pretty cheeky tonight.

* Footage of Angela Lansbury sliding down a spiral staircase in Mame proves that lady was always one kick-ass dame.

* Next to Normal's number was so intense! Everyone looked so pretty in HD though!

* In Memoriam - Bea Arthur AND Estelle Getty. And Paul Newman. Sigh. But why won't the camera just stay in one place so I can read who people were?

* Liza prepares to go into a 20 minute monologue about the making of Liza's at the Palace in her acceptance speech. She wanted to let us know when they started "it was the pits!" I love it.

* God of Carnage and The Norman Conquests won lots of things.

* Rock of Ages had a super fun number that stirred the pot of Liza Crazy Sauce after she had taken her seat. Good work, RoA. Don't stop believin'. (The number works much better in the actual show.)

*WSS's Dance At The Gym number was damn sexy fantastic. I don't understand why Tony is in casual blue clothes, but damn if he and Josefina aren't the effing cutest couple ever.

* Tom Kitt wins for best Score which is totally the right call. Good work, Tony voters. Billy Elliot got it's due, but this one really should've gone to Next to Normal.

* I actually thought the Shrek number came out looking REALLY good. I can't believe he does all that on his knees!! Dude's a trouper.

* I'm glad Angela Lansbury won. She was so gracious in her speech. I love her more each day.

* I'm glad the dude from Joe Turner's Come and Gone won, because he rocks.

* I love you Neil Patrick Harris and your shiny leathery tuxedo! Please host this shindig every year!

* The opening number is CRAZY. Microphone problems galore. I don't like the bit with Stockard Channing and the Dead Son from Next To Normal. Although ironically it did leave me bothered and bewildered if not bewitched.

So overall I thought this was a really fun telecast, only mired by the touring company numbers (which were both irrelevant and not good) and the absurd amount of prescription drug ads throughout the show for everything from cialis to ambien to something that grows your eyelashes bigger if you have some sort of traumatic eyelash deficiency. I had no idea this was a problem for people. But be careful the medicine might stain your eyes brown. I dunno, the ad was effing crazy. The show was really at a high standard this year, even though Bret Michaels was nearly decapitated 2 minutes into the show. That would've dampened the mood a bit in Radio City (i think). See you in 2010, theater community!

"It was the PITS!" ~ Liza Minelli

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