Saturday, June 20, 2009

SYTYCD - Hip Hop and You Both Drop - Top 18

So Top 18 Week for the SYTYCDancers was not quite as good as Top 20. Lots of people had a sophomore slump, making for 3 totally different couples in the Bottom 3 from the week before. That's rare for this show. There's usually at least one couple who continues to struggle week to week in the bottom of the draw. It just goes to show you it's a pretty tight race between all of them. Part of the let down of this week was that both hip hop routines by Shane Sparks really didn't connect. Is this the fault of the dancers or the choreographer? I have to say the dancers. There was such a lack of synchronicity in the dance, that you can't really tell what Shane was going for in either piece. I've seen non-hip-hoppers do much much better in this style on the show in previous seasons. They just didn't get it done this week, which is unfortunate, and it left six very talented dancers at the bottom and in danger of going home. We lost Ashley who was a favorite from Top 20's Crash Test Dummies and Max, who I thought was really a great partner for Kayla. That means next week it's Kupono and Kayla together... one can only hope they get Mia Michaels as their choreographer. I think that would rock hard.

Here are three dances from this past eek that I enjoyed. the third clip features Jonathan , who I'm still not really sold on at this point, but his partner Karla is outstanding. Check out the vids here, here and here if you don't see them. Although Fox is getting snippy with Youtube about the footage, so they might eventually disappear. Let's hope for some better hip hop featured in the Top 16!

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