Sunday, May 31, 2009

Rafa's Fight For 5: Inconceivable!

Dude, Rafa LOST. He lost early. He lost pretty badly, to be honest. I don't know what to feel. I think I'm still in shock. Sure, Soderling has weapons and if Rafa didn't play his best, Soderling COULD win, but who thought that would happen? Not me. This whole tournament has been weird because I haven't gotten to see Rafa play live AT ALL thanks to the sucktastic "The Tennis Channel." So I've been keeping track of the action on line with score tracker and video highlights. It's not the right way to watch Rafa tennis! And now Rafa's run is over for this tourney.

Rafa said it best himself: "I have to accept with the same calm when I win than when I lose. After four years, I lose here, and the season continues, [Soderling] did well. He did very well but I didn't play my best tennis. I didn't play my tennis, and for that reason I lost. That's it,.. I was not calm enough to face the important points, so I had to fight. But sometimes fighting is not enough. You have to play a good level of tennis... Sometimes people think I win because I'm physically fit, but, no. When I win, it's because I play well, and that wasn't the case today."

I would also like to say that it was reported the French fans did not support Rafa in his effort and that it hurt Rafa's feelings and to that i say WHAT THE FUCK, ROLAND GARROS CROWD?!? You are all DEAD TO ME!

Finally, before heading home to Mallorca to celebrate his birthday with family and friends and clear his head by swimming in the pool at his family's house, Rafa expressed his hope for a Federer win this year. “It would be great [to see him win it], so that he can complete the Grand Slam. If anybody deserves it, it’s him."

Since that is Rafa's preference, I can easily endorse Fed's ongoing campaign to win the French Title. Therefore from this post on, my ongoing French Open posts will change from Rafa's Fight for 5, to Federer's Fight for a First! Hopefully it will do him better than the posts did you. You're still my hero, Rafa. See you on the grasscourts. Vamos!

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