Monday, May 25, 2009

Final Fantasy XII: Complete!

FINALLY. I started playing Finally Fantasy XII... i don't even know. YEARS ago. '07? '08? Jesus Christo. I don't even think PS3's existed at the time I started playing this game. I am a huge Final Fantasy fan, starting back in elementary school with the original game occupying an amazing amount of my time on the NES. XII was a great addition to the franchise. The storyline was majorly complex and often felt like a Shakespearean History play only with magic spells and monsters. Political intrigue was rampant and I'm not gonna lie and say I wasn't confused about the different warring factions and who the hell the Dynast-King was and who that weird rogue Shadow God was who seemed to be causing problems for everybody. What was manufacted nethicite? Gabranth killed the King of Dalmasca just to fill Lady Ashe with rage? WUH? It all made even less sense having been away from the story for so long. Everything else about the game was great though. I loved the setting and the characters, I grew to really enjoy the gameplay which was a big departure from previous FF battle systems. I loved it so much which was why when I became aware that I was getting close to the end months and months ago, I stopped playing. I didn't want it to end. For awhile, I ran around doing the side quests and levelling up my characters, but then I just put the game away. I wanted there to be more Final Fantasy out there in the world left for me to play. I figured I'd wait until I knew a firm release date for the inevitable Final Fantasy XIII, but... no release date was announced. it's just TBA 2009. I do not think the game will be released in 2009. I mean, we're already on June's doorstep and we don't have an '09 release date? That's not promising.

I decided since this was a holiday weekend and I didn't have travel plans, that I would take some time and finally finish the game. I am glad I did. I was closer to the end than i thought and after just a few hours of gameplay, I beat the final bosses and got the pay-off of watching the final movie sequences. I thought the end was a good resolution, and didn't have too much heartbreak - a traditional part of a Final Fantasy ending. It's much preferred if you're playing a game for 60-somewhat hours to not have the main love story end in death , or with one of the lovers trapped in some horrible ghost dimension. This was more upbeat. Thank goodness.

Now, please, Square Enix - if that is even still the company name after so many mergers - give me my Final Fantasy XIII that I've been waiting for. At least give me a release date. Is that really asking so much?

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