Monday, May 25, 2009

Rafa's Fight for 5: First Round - Pretty in Pink

This week starts the French Open. Yesterday I watched a lot of great tennis. I was hoping to watch Nadal today, but of course the Tennis Channel had to be a dick and not share their coverage with regular television stations, so I didn't get to see him play. LAME. If you're not gonna be a part of regular TV, Tennis Channel, maybe you shouldn't monopolize coverage of one of the Majors? Just a thought.

Anyway, of course Rafa shows up wearing pink and yellow, because he's fucking awesome. The background of his website had gone pink last week, so I figured perhaps his new shirt color would follow. I'm sure people will ask him about it, and we'll see what he says, but you know he can kick your ass off the court wearing any color, so I guess he figured he'd just brighten it up this tournament. Maybe he thought if he wore a crazy shirt, people would ask him more about the shirt than how he feels about the possibility of winning five French Opens in a row. It's a pretty good strategy if he doesn't want to be too much in his head about getting the title.

Rafa's through round 1 with a nice 7-5, 6-4, 6-3 win over Marcos Daniel of Brazil for his 29th straight win on the Roland Garros red clay. This equals the record set by Chris Evert between 1974 and 1981.. Can he take it all the way to a 5th straight French Open Victory? Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Of course, someone in the press room asked him as soon as possible about the pink shirt. His response on why he's wearing pink: "Because it's better than dress the same color every week, no?" Yes, Rafa. It is.

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