Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Year Without Cookies - Weeks 37 & 38

(Orlando's Top Chef "Surprise" is that there's no root beer float in this root beer float.)

Well, it has been two more weeks and still no cookies or soda for O. Marathon training has picked up, and my desire for cookies has increased exponentially. We are almost at 40 weeks in the year, folks. Surely I'm not going to be giving in now just from an increase in appetite... although some "friends" on the FB never miss an opportunity to suggest that I break and indulge in a cookie. It will not happen, Underminers! You have no power over me!

The other night at dinner I was splitting a dessert with someone and as we going over the many delicious options on the menu, one was a sundae that had a cookie base at the bottom. My friend suggested I just eat until we got the bottom layer so that he could enjoy the entire cookie. Listen, I'm not that disciplined or that nice. Once I was digging into the sundae I was not going to stop. And even if I could, was he going to leave me with that much more of the other layers to compensate for him getting the full cookie layer? Unlikely. Ice cream was ordered instead.

The temperature has dropped slightly here in NYC which should be conducive to a drop in the desire for a cool refreshing soda, but the humidity this week has been horribly obnoxious, so refreshing drinks are still in demand. Speaking of soda, this week I caught an episode of Top Chef: Just Desserts where this contestant made a root beer float that had no root beer float in it. Seriously, you can take a look at it up top. This dessert was rated poorly by the judges and almost got him sent home. But MAN, it made me want a real root beer float. I mean REALLY...

Week 39 is just around the bend! The last of the weeks in the 30's. The end of the year seems to be approaching at lightning speed!!

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