Monday, September 5, 2011

United States of Rafa 2011 - Round 3

(Rafa is a fierce competitor! No cramping his style!)

So Our Hero, Rafa Nadal, won his third round victory over David Nalbandian on Sunday, taking it in three sets - 7-6(5), 6-1, 7-5. The first set is a great example of why I love Rafa so much. He was down 5-3 serving at 0-30, and it seemed like he should lose the set. He was not playing his absolute best. Nalbandian was playing his absolute best. Yet somehow, with his back against the wall, Rafa found another gear! Against the odds, he won the game, broke in the next game, won the following game and then took the set in a tie break! Nalbandian must have been so pissed! To play a set so well and somehow still lose??? That's the brilliance of Nadal. Until it is literally game, set, match against him, you have to still give him a better chance than pretty much anybody to turn his fortunes around.

So he wins the match, but all anyone can talk about it is the leg cramps he suffered during his press conference. It was unfortunate timing but not all that shocking that his legs would cramp after the match. It was incredibly humid on Sunday and he was sweating a ton during the match. But the cramping in the presser was kind of an intense moment. If you haven't seen it, you can see it here. Watch as no one moves to help him for over two and half minutes!

Rafa is fine. It was a momentary thing. I saw him on the practice courts today and he was not suffering at all. :) Here's hoping he has an easy uneventful win over Gilles Muller in the Round of 16. Vamos!

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