Thursday, September 8, 2011

Run For Your Life If You Can, Little Boy - Take 4

(In 18 weeks, my next Finisher's Pic will feature Mouse Ears!)

This week started my 18-week training period for the 2012 Disney World Marathon. That's right, lovelies. 2012 is less than 18 weeks away! So yeah, if you are sitting on some New Year's resolutions or accomplishments for 2011, it's really time to get on it!!

Saturday night I had this incredible dream about running. It involved dodgeball, sleepwalking track teammates and me Latin-ballroom dancing with Angelina Jolie to a song called "Heaven" which doesn't exist in real life. Trust me that it had these amazing brass section "Pow! Pow!" moments where we hits these awesome poses. As great as all the window dressing of the dream was, the best part was really how much I enjoyed the running. I was running around on this track at night and just loved it. I wonder for how long in real time I was running around that track. In the dream it felt like I kept going and going, but it probably was just a matter of minutes or seconds in my head. If only I could zip through the actual marathon that quickly, 18-weeks of training would not be required!

I've begun a new intermediate marathon training schedule (that downloaded so easily into my outlook calendar! I was impressed! In previous years I had to add all my daily runs manually.), and while I will miss the NYC Marathon in November, it was definitely the right choice to give myself the summer off from training and take a longer hiatus from running. Running a different race and training at a different time of year, along with taking tennis lessons in the meantime, was just the mental and physical change-up I needed to keep things fresh. Plus, running through all 4 Disney Theme Parks is gonna be awesome!! We'll see how awesome I think it is when I have a 20-mile run to complete in mid-December, but for now it's all good. "Run, Owen Run!" is back up and... well, running!

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