Friday, July 22, 2011

A Year Without Cookies - Weeks 28 & 29

(hot summer days require cool refreshing treats not found in a cookie jar.)

The Year Without Cookies marches on at break-neck pace. I can't believe it is almost at Week 30. Week 20 seemed like just yesterday. I didn't write anything last week because there was no real update to be had. Suki continues to try and keep me honest at work with any and all snack intake, making sure nothing that I would ingest could be see a relative of the cookie family. Outside of work, I remain strong on my own.

The mercury levels in old school thermometers continue to rise and it would be so nice to cool off with some sprite or ginger ale. Or, especially, a Dr. Pepper or - god help us - a root beer float. Delicious temptation!! Still I am soda-free.

Luckily in the hot weather, cookies are not the go-to dessert treat. This is ice cream season! Bring on the trips to 16 Handles - a delightful soft-serve place on the UWS that has sixteen delicious flavors to choose from and mix!!! Plus so many tasty non-cookie toppings!

But the best summer refreshment desserts, in my opinion, are actually fruit-flavored and not chocolate-flavored. Ice pops, Italian ices, piraguas. frozen lemonade. yum yum yum! They turn my tongue all sorts of fun colors. I can't get enough of them. I will be gifting the last of my girl scout cookies on Sunday, so that will provide me additional space in my freezer for ice pops. Very exciting!

See y'all at week 30!

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