Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rafa: The Rest Is Still Unwritten

(take a look. it's in a book.)

As Nadal prepares for the final weeks of summer on the US hard courts, I prepare for his eventual arrival in New York for the US Open. It is just around the corner! I continue to take tennis lessons at Midtown Tennis Center (my forehand and backhand continue to improve!). I just got my tickets to Arthur Ashe Stadium for my annual Labor Day trip to the US Open. I also just pre-ordered my copy of Rafa's new biography, "Rafa." Nadal is such a private person, I cannot imagine what parts of his life he is willing to share in book-form, knowing that every interviewer on the planet is now gonna ask him about it. I will find out what there is to know on Aug. 23rd, no doubt. It seems like since it's coming out so close to the Open, he'll HAVE to do a book signing in NYC, no? And then I can go there and get my book signed - as well as the tennis ball I got off him at the '09 Open. And I'd get to meet him. Could this finally be the year Rafa and I meet face to face? My heart is hopeful. My expectations are way out of control. How could this possibly end in tears and a restraining order? Vamos!

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