Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wimby 2011: Rafa in the Semifinals

(Rafa's got his game face on as he advances to his 5th Wimbledon Final!)

Well, here we are again, Ladies and Gentlemen. Another Year, Another trip for Rafael Nadal to the Wimbledon Championship round. Our Hero got there playing some excellent tennis against hometown fav Andy Murray beating him 5-7, 6-2, 6-2, 6-4. Murray played an amazing opening set against Nadal, but then he quickly faded as Nadal kept finding new levels of play to ascend to. He's playing so well and looking very confident going into the Final tomorrow. There he will face Novak Djokovic, Our Mortal Foe. Novak has beaten Rafa 4 times this year, but Rafa is still 5-0 against him in Majors. It's that 3rd set in the Majors that's so hard to get against Rafa. He can usually find a way to win in a Best of 5 scenario. I honestly don't know what's gonna happen with this one. Obviously, we will cheer for Rafa to take Novak down in three easy sets and claim his 11th Major Title. Something tells me this one won't be easy though. Hopefully Nadal will come out on top and take another bite out of that trophy! Breakfast at Wimbledon is happening tomorrow! Vamos!

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