Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Year Without Cookies - Week 27

(These really satisfy me.)

So here we are on the other side of half a year to go until the Year Without Cookies comes to a close. We are practically there! I'm feeling confident that I am now going to make it all the way there. One stumbling block I hadn't really considered was running. I have entered the summer race season. First was Pride Run and then Boomer's Cystic Fibrosis Run to Breath and next week is Run For The Parks. Running makes me super hungry. I constantly need snacks and don't mind the empty calories that just get burned off anyway as the miles pile up. Historically, I've turned to cookies for midday snacks. That can't happen this year. Also, I used to enjoy a pre-race dinner that was heavy on pasta and accompanied with a tall glass of Sprite. Gotta stick to water now. Sigh. Well at least the Year Without Cookies will have ended by the time I have to run my Disney World Marathon in January 2012. THEN I can drink some Sprite. Thank goodness!

This week, Suki and I had a little argument at work over Snickers Bars. I've gotten into a weekly habit of taking a walk around 3pm to go get myself a snickers bar as a snack. (i was it down with two glasses of delicious milk. Mmmm, milk!) Suki was all "That's cheating!" And I was all, "No, it ain't!" A Snickers is a delicious candy bar, not a cookie. I never said I'd give up chocolate or candy bars. Plus, it's not like I'm eating 8 candy bars a day. Just one (maybe two) a week. Is it the healthiest option? No. Is it within the guidelines I set out for myself? Totally.

Still, I don't want Suki calling me a cheater, so I might have to give up candy bars at work as well as cookies. At least I can still have pretzel rods or yogurt. Mmm... delicious pretzel rods. Delicious yogurt.
...25 weeks to go!

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