Friday, June 17, 2011

A Year Without Cookies - Week 24

("You will spend a year without cookies. In Bed.")

Another week, another round of soda-related dreams. I am convinced they will never stop. They will be with me forever. At least none of them were super-disorienting upon waking. Small favors, peeps. We thank God for 'em.

This week I had to deal with a bountiful supply of E.L. Fudges and chocolate chip cookies in the kitchen at work. They looked delicious! But I had not a one. Then yesterday we order Chinese food fir lunch and after I opened my cookie to get the fortune ( for the record - "Everybody is ignorant only on different subjects. In bed.") as I went to throw it out, my co-worker Suki turned and snapped at me "You can't eat that. It counts!" I wasn't going to eat it! I know it counts. But don't think Suki was acting out of concern for me. She just wanted to deprive me of something possibly tasty. She is preggers right now and can't eat (or drink, eh hem...) many of her favorite things. So she takes joy at me missing out on yummy cookies. Don't judge her too harshly. We've a sibling's love for each other, and schadenfreude is a healthy component of that kind of love.

2 weeks left of June! 2 weeks left to 26 weeks. 2 weeks left until half of 2011 is OVER! Can you believe it? It's almost here!!

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