Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Year Without Cookies - Week 22

(Drink Me.)

Hello, Friends! Not a lot to report this week on the cookie/soda front this week. I was so focused on Rafa and the French Open last week, I almost didn't think about them. I find when you are entirely focused on one vice, it is easier to forget about the others.

Still, last week I saw Bridesmaids and I REALLY wanted a cherry coke with my popcorn while watching the movie. I stuck to water though! Then a few days later, I was writing a scene where two people were standing in line for concessions at the movies and they might have talked about cherry coke for a really really long time. Hey, what's inside of me needs to find an outlet! I'll have to trim that convo down during revisions. Or title the piece Everybody Loves a Cherry Coke.

Onward to Week 23! Which is actually almost over now. The half-year benchmark looms!

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