Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Year Without Cookies - Week 12

(I am not responsible for the one missing off the cookie rack, I swear!)

Omigosh, it is almost April! How did that happen? Clearly the weather in New York was caught by surprise as well, since it is still effing freezing! Next week will mark 3 months without cookies or soda. That makes me a quarter way through to my goal of a year! It also means 2011 is 25% over with already. Scary, no?

As I enter Tech week with The Timing of a Day , it's really hard not to turn to cookies for a stress release. Everything is going along just fine, but the desire for a few dozen cookies to help take the edge off of waiting for people to buy tickets is practically undeniable.

I had my most convincing dream about drinking soda this week too. In it, I was in my apartment drinking coke out of a plastic cup, and had that same thought of "oh! how could i forget I wasn't supposed to do this?" that I usually do, but this tie I really believed it. I was so sure it actually happened when I woke up, I only became convinced it was just in my head when I realized I had no plastic cups in the house in the style of the ones in my dream. Nice attention to detail, Sub-Conscious! Try a little harder when you're aiming for realism!

So next week will have the spooky coincidences of being week THIRTEEN, which falls on April Fool's Day and is also opening night of my show. And my girl scout cookie order should arrive Wednesday when Dad comes in to town to visit. Should be some crazy exciting energy next week! Can't wait to see how it goes!

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