Thursday, October 22, 2009

So You Think You Can Win an Emmy?

I am confused. Last night during the SYTYCD Top 20 reveal, I was pretty sure they referred to Tyce Diorio as an Emmy-winner and I didn't know when he could've won an Emmy on the show. It couldn't have been this past year, because when the Creative Arts Emmys were announced in September SYTYCD didn't win Outstanding Choreography despite dominating the nominations in the category. In an upset win, it appeared (this award wasn't televised, so i didn't see it myself) that the "Musicals Are Back" Segment from this year's Oscars won, and it seemed SYTYCD suffered from some split-the-vote scenario between it's four nominated routines. The press releases from that time and the official Emmy website both agree that SYTYCD did not win.

HOWEVER, when I went to the SYTYCD website to get some background info on the Top 20 for a future "Season 6 Predictions" post, I found a featured story posted there celebrating not just one, but TWO Emmy wins. One for Tyce and one for Costumes For A Variety/Music Program Or Special . This doesn't make sense. Who is wrong? I mean, obviously Tyce would know if he won or not, but why would the Emmy people have it listed incorrectly? Furthermore, The Emmy Website doesn't even list the Costume Category - but they make some distinction that the Costume Category is a Juried Prize, so maybe that's different? What's going on Emmys? Did something happy to "Musicals Are Back" that it couldn't fulfill its duties as an Emmy Winner and therefore runner-up "Adam & Eve/Silence" stepped in to take its place? Did Musicals Are Back say something bad about gay marriage and opposite marriage? Someone please explain this to me.

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