Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ace of Cakes

This is my birthday cake, from my 30th birthday party celebrated on Saturday Night, actual birthday this monday (now only about 6 minutes away.) The cake was made by Gracie who is really a mad genius when it comes to baked goodies. I have, for a long time, nagged her for a mint chocolate cake, because i'm a big fan of that particular flavor combo. She has made me mint chocolate brownies in the past and will sometimes add mint chocolate to peanut butter cookies (another favorite flavor combo of mine) but a mint chocolate cake proved a tricky order to fill and up until now I hadn't gotten one. But a special birthday requires a special cake, and this year it happened!

This cake is crack. Seriously, it's delicious. It's chocolate cake with mint chocolate filling with delicious icing as well. You can't really have a big piece of it or you go into a sugar rush like you have never before experienced. I am not kidding. I had a buzz from it well past 3am. I woke up and had a piece for breakfast topped with mint chocolate chip ice cream (hey, i had to start my last day of 29 in style, no?) and I was again jumping out of my skin until the afternoon. I ran six miles today on nothing else but that piece of cake.

Grace won't directly answer questions from the press as to whether or not there is crystal meth in this cake, but I'm definitely planning on taking a piece with me to eat before the start of the marathon next sunday. You don't crash from the buzz in less than four hours and by that time I will have finished the race. And no, I don't consider this doping.

This ranks up there with the best birthday cakes I've ever had. Thanks so much for your efforts, Gracie!

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