Friday, January 28, 2011

A Year Without Cookies - Week 4

(All I do the whole night through is dream of you.)

We are now four weeks into no cookies nor soda. Things are going okay. I feel like some of the excess side flab I have attributed to cookie and soda intake is beginning to recede and I'm looking more fit. This is a positive development. Although, strangely, I've started dreaming about soda. Monday night I dreamed I was in a movie theater, and I was eating popcorn and downing a delicious Extra Large cup of cherry coke. There was no lid on the cup and I was watching the ice slosh around in a sea of cola as I was drinking it. Gahhh! So refreshing! Suddenly, I realized I was not supposed to be drinking it. How could I have forgotten?? I actually said aloud in the dream "wow, I really thought I'd cave on cookies first!" Then I woke up and I couldn't remember if I really drank the soda sometime in the past week. I know, my life is boring.

So I thought this was a one-off dream, but I guess it's status has gone recurring, as I had a very similar dream on Wednesday night where I was walking around drinking a movie-style soda, straw pressed tightly between my lips, and then suddenly remembering I wasn't supposed to be drinking it. My subconscious has clearly turned against me. The soda dreams must stop.

Cookies did not present a big problem this week. Tony, who sits next to me at work tried to offer my some E.L. Fudges yesterday, but I resisted. I've been able to get my chocolate fix from my muscle milk protein supplement shake and the occasional mint hot cocoa.

Next week will push us into week 5 and across the month mark. I ordered girl scout cookies from my niece, but I've already decided I won't eat them. I will give them away to people I love or people I want to see get fat. Haven't completely decided yet which direction that's gonna go. If only thin mints kept you thin...

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