Friday, January 7, 2011

A Year Without Cookies: Week 1

(WWCMD? - Cookie would eat the cookie!!!)

So it has been a week since my resolution to give up cookies and soda and I have not had any since New Year's Day. This has surpassed anyone's expectations for me. I haven't completely given up on sweets, because that would be ridiculous, I just can't handle cookies and soda in moderation, so I had to give them up. The biggest struggle is actually when I'm at work. The kitchen there is always filled with cookies. Today, Corinna, who handles the kitchen, was putting a box of E.L Fudges in the cookie jar and it was almost like I turned into one of those poorly-written newborn vampires in the Twilight Saga with insatiable appetites for blood. Except in my case, it's appetite for cookies. For a moment, it was as if I could not control myself and would immediately tear open the jar and just start shoveling the cookies into my mouth, barely tasting them as I chomped away. What would've happened if there were Chips Ahoy in the jar today? Or even worse - Chips Deluxe. I would be powerless against Chips Deluxe...

Giving up soda is easier. It's just as accessible as cookies, but somehow it's not so bad sticking to water. I'm also kind of an iced tea fiend. I gotta break that habit too. Healthy 2011, I say! Let's see if we can make it through another whole week. Only 51 more of them to go!

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