Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Year Without Cookies - Week 3

(Keebler Elf, Drug Dealer - Got any C, man? He's cool.)

So here we are 3 weeks into the new year and there have been no cookies and no soda ingested by O. Things are going fine. Okay, sure. Yesterday Suki bought a chocolate chunk cookie from Pret at lunchtime, and MAYbe I thought about stabbing her in the hand and scarfing down the cookie and then reporting back to you all that I still had not had any cookies. But none of that actually happened. I promise.

Friends have turned against me. They don't understand why I gave up cookies. They want me to go back to my cookie-dependent self and to stop talking to them about how I'm not eating cookies. They are just insecure with themselves, afraid to work on their own weaknesses. That's what I tell myself as I cry into my Cookie Monster-shaped pillow.

I don't really miss soda, but last weekend when BFF and her BF came over for Golden Globes viewing, she got herself a bottle of my beloved Root Beer and he got a bottle of delicious Dr. Pepper and they drank it right in front of me just to try to break my effing heart. But I'll pay them back. I'll pay everyone back...

Somehow despite the lack of cookies and soda in my diet, I am getting heavier. I weighed myself at the gym and I was around 177. Before the holidays I was under 175. Maybe it's added muscle...? That seems like a stretch. But I look okay when I see myself in the mirror, which is really the only opinion that matters.

Next week will be four weeks without cookies and soda. Just shy of a month. Can I make it? And then do it eleven more times? I need to not get ahead of myself. One day at a time. One day at a time...

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Arthur said...

Yeah, man! Good on you for keeping it up in the face of cookie/soda goblins. Just a thought: your weight can vary like 5 pounds over the course of the day, and certainly from day to day. So 2 pounds is basically just measurement error. :)