Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Venue Prep for Success!!

(Ariana is showing that she is the muscle behind the show and the muscle behind Venue Prep Day. Woohoo!)

Tuesday was our venue prep in NYTW's 4th Street Theatre. As I predicted, our sexy design team did a great job of showing up, dazzling everyone with their good looks and technical savvy and did so much work. I showed up at the end after work, where there was not much left to do, but I did haul some extra cabling and lights out to the front lobby. The lady of the hour/day/entire project is Ariana Paganetti, who is an amazing Project Manager/ACR/Friend/Hot Woman who was there the whole time. I would like to thank NYTW for the use of their space, FringeNYC and our amazing venue director, Krystal, for doing a fantastic job keeping things organized, and my incredible design team for their time and their talent of which i am incredibly appreciative. I know the cast is salivating to get into the space and I can happily report to them that I think they will be very comfortable there and it will be a great space to have the run for the next two weeks. it's so exciting to finally be in the theater! I didn't take pictures inside, because people were working on lights and taking pictures seemed like an unwelcome thing to do. But we took pictures outside! Woohoo!

(Home Sweet Home at the 4th Street Theatre!!)

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