Sunday, August 29, 2010

2010 Emmys: We're All A Bunch of Bucky Gunts Here

(Ricky is thrilled with how the awards are going on Sunday night, and i can't say I disagree, even if I picked almost none of them. Not even Bucky Gunts.)

It always seems a little silly to comment on an awards show days after it happened. At this point in time everyone has forgotten about it, except the people who won (and, I guess, the people who lost) . This year's show, however, turned out to be especially amusing, because of my early predictions. Before the show started, I jotted down who/what I thought would win in the major categories and it looked a little something like this:

Outstanding Drama Series - Mad Men
Outstanding Comedy Series - Glee
Outstanding Lead Actor, Drama - John Hamm, Mad Men
Outstanding Lead Actor, Comedy - Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock
Outstanding Lead Actress, Drama - Juliana Marguilles, The Good Wife
Outstanding Lead Actress. Comedy - Edie Falco, Nurse Jackie
Outstanding Supporting Actor, Drama - Terry O'Quinn, LOST
Outstanding Supporting Actor, Comedy - Chris Colfer, Glee
Outstanding Supporting Actress, Drama - Christine Baranski, The Good Wife
Outstanding Supporting Actress, Comedy - Jane Lynch, Glee
Outstanding Reality Competition - Amazing Race

Of these 11 categories, I was correct only 3 times. I predicted Mad Men, Edie Falco and Jane Lynch. I was wrong about everything else. Damn, Emmys. Usually you are so predictable! This year there were so many first time winners. You really spread the love around. Well played.

I must say well played to Jimmy Fallon too. It's not like everything he did worked. The internet inspired intros were a bust and he relied on his guitar too often, but the Glee-inspired opening sequence was so awesome he built himself enough good will to carry him through the rest of the show. Plus it ended on time! So good work, Fallon. I was impressed.

And before we move on from this forever, I must mention the fun appearance by Ricky Gervais who delighted so much in the name "Bucky Gunts" as a nominee, that he pretty much jumped out of his skin when Bucky actually won. I hope Gervais brings that enthusiasm and humor to his return gig at the Golden Globes. That would be delightful!

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