Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Timing Is Everything with Donnie & Angela: The R. Elizabeth Woodard Interview!

(Where does the interview end and the jealous sniping begin? Tune in to find out!)

Hey guys! Donnie & Angela are at it again, bringing you the next in their series of cast interviews from The Timing of A Day. This time they are talking to R. Elizabeth Woodard who plays Paige, the one girl in the show. Donnie is rather smitten, but Angela's opinion of Beth is... well let's just say their exchanges become "contentious." Enjoy! The Timing of a Day opens TOMORROW 8/18/10 at 2pm, at the 4th Street Theatre - 83 East 4th St @2nd Ave in NYC! Tickets for the opening performance are still available for purchase at the the theatre 15 minutes before showtime! See you there!!

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