Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Field Trip to FringeCENTRAL!!

Yesterday after we were done with Venue Prep, the incomparable Ariana Paganetti and I took a trip over to FringeCENTRAL to scope out the scene and replenish our post card supply.

(Streetside view! Such wonders await you inside!)

FringeCENTRAL was so lovely. A very fun and spacious place to get info on all the shows in the festival. Sit and rest a while, get a snack, read reviews and most importantly - but $15 tickets to shows without the online surcharge. Seriously, if you can make your way down to 1 East 8th St at 5th Ave, you should take advantage of this opportunity.

(FringeCENTRAL rocks!)

(A fun place for kids to draw and play.)

(A wall of postcards. So many great choices! But see The Timing of A Day FIRST!)

Everyone there was very nice and the vibe was very chill. I had a fun time scoping out the different areas and taking some well deserved rest time on the couches with Ari.

Ari and I had a nice talk with one of the guys behind the ticket counter. We told him we were with The Timing of a Day. He responds "Oh, I remember reading about that one. That's the one where someone dies, yes?" And I'm simultaneously like "OH! HE remembers us!" and "Does my fringe description really say someone dies?" It does. I had just forgotten that some people thought that was too much of a spoiler, and I had stopped saying that. But months ago, that was the quickest way for me to describe the show! Anyway, we assured him the play was not majorly sad and that it had a lot of humor and he he said he planned on seeing it, and we told him how much we hoped he would. But people know about the show! Exciting!

(Come get tickets! Everyone here is super-friendly and helpful!)

FringeCENTRAL is open daily from 12pm-8pm. Congrats to everyone at Fringe for setting up such a great place!

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