Friday, August 19, 2011

A Year Without Cookies - Weeks 32 & 33

(Pret Cookies. So Delicious! ... I seem to recall...)

Hello all. Not much happened to report in my cookie-less soda-less world in Week 32, but then Week 33 was nothing but sweet temptation. It all started last Saturday at the NY Renaissance Faire - you should go! So much fun!) when my good friend Ellaree offered me some of of her deep fried Oreo cookie. It looked so delicious! But I declined. Later as the sun momentarily broke the clouds and shone down brightly on us, she offered me some of her soda. Again I declined, and told her to stop being in Eve in the Garden with the apple. She meant well. She did. She just forgot all the rules. Luckily, I kept myself full with steak on a stake, roast turkey leg and chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick. And delicious fresh lemonade. SO GOOD!

Then this week at work was like navigating a minefield of delicious cookies. Suki was having pregnant cookie cravings for chocolate chunk cookies from Pret and it seemed like everyone else there wanted in on the action as well. Those cookies smell so good and the taste even better. Day after day of the aroma was driving me crazy! One of those days I actually went to pick them up for everybody (I'm so nice!) and carrying 8 cookies back to the office without taking nibbles out of any of them took intense resolve.

Also, yesterday Sukes and I went to pick up lunch at McD's and seeing the Dr. Pepper option in the soda fountain made me we want to launch myself over the counter, slam the button down and start guzzling straight from the nozzle. I have spoken of this before with Dr. Pepper. I don't know why it has such control over me!

There are now less than 20 weeks left in the year. How can that be???

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