Friday, August 5, 2011

A Year Without Cookies - Week 31

(Happy 31 weeks from the Baskin Robbins, dude!)

It's the 31st Week of A Year Without Cookies. This week zoomed by fast. It was another very warm couple days in NYC and soda was greatly desired. Instead I drank a lot of iced tea. Maybe too much. Maybe 2012 will be the Year Without Iced Tea. Hmm... something to think about!

I had a cookie dream this week. It was not exactly like the soda dreams. The soda dreams have me drinking soda and then remembering I shouldn't. This cookie dream never got that far. Instead I was standing in front of a large table filled with cookies. mostly Christmas cookies. The kind that come in the tins and have sugar sprinkled all over them. Maybe they aren't specifically Christmas cookies but we eat them a lot around Christmas. So I'm at a giant table filled with them. I pick the ones I want, put them on a plate and then head to a computer lab that i think was the Science Center Lab at Wesleyan, and sit down at an old school Apple IIe. But I never actually ate the cookies. So I never felt the guilt. But the following day I was trying to figure out where I saw such a nice spread of cookies and only later remembered it was only in my mind.

Week 32 and I'm not looking you straight in the eye!

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