Saturday, September 6, 2008

Legally Brown is Online!

I am excited to report that Legally Brown: The Seach For The Next Piragua Guy is up on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. It's been very rewarding to work on this from behind the scenes and see it actually be put out there for public consumption. Written by me and Lin-Manuel and starring a whole parade of awesome Broadway Actors it is our loving spoof on the Legally Blonde Reality Show and on reality competition shows in general. I don't consider myself a good auditioner which is probably why I don't like doing it and that is ALSO probably why i don't do as much acting work as I would like. I find the very idea of auditioning over the course of several weeks on a nationally televised show to be a rather horrifying. While I enjoy watching these competition shows on TV it is beyond me why anyone would actually want to be a participant. Sure I guess it's a quick way to open doors for you, and a certain amount of the population will always be fame-whores who will do anything for attention. But i think most people by now should know that most people don't come off looking good by the time they lose, and it's not that easy to expand your 15 minutes of fame beyond the season you appear on. Hell, there are people on American Idol who were in the top 24 (or even top 10) than i couldn't remember having ever seen or heard by the time they got trotted back out on stage for the Grand Finale. But people keep auditioning for stuff in front of America, and I keep tuning in. And now with this project, those gluttons for punishment have become a sort of artistic inspiration. There will be more Legally Brown clips coming in the future. I hope you enjoy.

You should also go to this youtube link and then check out usnavi's other youtube clips because they are all really funny and worth your time. Enjoy!

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