Sunday, September 7, 2008

I still love you, Rafa!

Dearest Rafa,

I'm sure you're disappointed about not making it to the US Open Finals this year. I am sad for you. But let's face some facts. It's HARD to win 3 majors in one year on three different surfaces PLUS win the Olympic gold. You and I both know you were tired coming into this Open. You played so well, but I could tell you were... well, I wouldn't say "weakening" but you and I both know that if you want to beat the top players you have to keep digging deep, and there just wasn't that much deeper left for you to dig against Murray this weekend. You need some rest, papa. You've earned it. And let's stop for a second and take stock of this year's accomplishments. Still undefeated at Roland Garros! A Wimbledon victory in what might be the greatest match ever played! Olympic Gold! Plus, you've made your best showing to date at the US Open and the Australian Open as well. 8 tournament titles and a #1 ranking in the world. All that ain't exactly chump change.

I'm glad I got to see you practicing while I was at the US Open on Labor Day. It was such a treat. Best of luck at the Davis Cup match in two weeks (I hope you win your matches, but ultimately Spain should lose to USA. Go USA!) and then there is the end of the year tourney still for you to try and dominate.

Even though I'll be seeing you less on the television this fall, and missing you muchly,I will still be loving you with the same level of intensity. Maybe even stronger. If that's possible.

Love Always,


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