Monday, August 18, 2008

numero uno

Today, Rafael Nadal finally secured the number one ranking in the ATP. I am very happy for him. I fell in love with Rafa years ago, during his first French Open, which he won (and continues to win every year). Along with this year's French Open, he conquered Wimbledon and won Olympic Gold. I have had many tennis crushes in my life, and while Agassi still probably takes the cake with his longevity in the sport and his American Pride, Rafa is quickly giving Aggie a run for his money. I can talk about Rafa's unbelievable skill and tenacity on the court, all day long. He's the perfect adversary for Roger Federer. They are both amazing yet very different, except when it comes to how respectful they are of each other. Rafa just keeps getting stronger and stronger and I hope he stays healthy to battle for the title in this year's US Open and next year's Aussie Open. I really think he could get the Career Grand Slam over the next few years. If you have not seen this guy play tennis you have to check out his matches in the US Open which starts next Monday. His play is exhilarating. And his arms are massive! Dude, he's the best. And the rankings now fully support that fact!

Rafa, we may never meet, but you had me at "Vamos!" Keep taking a bite out of those trophies!

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