Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hooray for May!! (And Rafa!!)

Ahh, May 1st. Finally some submissions I was working on have been sent to their respective places where they will likely be rejected -but whatever! I did my part by focusing on my writing and filling out the forms and polishing up the work to the best of my ability. Now I can come back and pay attention to my long neglected blog. The potential guilt of writing blog posts instead of working on my plays is no more, and the guilt of completely abandoning my blog is gone as well. Two guilt birds with one stone! Lovely! It's a sunny day! Spring is in the air! And since I don't suffer from allergies, at time moment all is good with the world.

One thing that I've missed these past few months has been praising Our Hero, Rafael Nadal. He's been having a truly Outstanding Season since coming back from his 7 month injury lay-off in 2012. Since his return he's played 6 tournaments, reached 6 Championship matches and won four tournaments - the most of anyone on tour this year - and has a fantastic record of 26-2. His one disappointment thus far has to be losing to Djokovic in the Monte Carlo Final, a tournament he's won for the past 8 years. I hate to see Djokovic get any mental edge over Rafa in the clay court season, but Rafa played well and should be ready to take it to him again if the meet up again in Madrid and possibly later on in Paris.

It's still an interesting toss up where Novak and Rafa could meet up in Paris. It seems mathematically likely that Nadal will still be ranked 5th overall thanks to his injury hiatus. Presuming Novak, Fed, Murray and Ferrer all play at Roland Garros, that means if Rafa's seeding isn't adjusted, he could meet Novak as early as the quarters! It's just too weird to think of Rafa as the No. 5 seed in a tournament he's won 7 times and where he is defending champion. Right now it seems unlikely, they will adjust the seedings for Nadal, but if he goes deep at both Madrid and Rome, I hope they seriously consider it. Have Novak keep the top seed, but then Nadal should be ranked No.2 at the other end of the draw. Give Rafa the respect he deserves! 

As a Nadal Super-Fan it's been so exciting and refreshing to see Rafa have so much success this year. I know we all continue to wish Our Hero the best in Madrid and Rome this month! VAMOS!

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