Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Texts From Hillary ~ A Fond Farewell

 (aren't I clever? I sure think I am.)

It seems like it was here for such a short time! Texts from Hillary - which featured a badass H.Rod texting away to many imagined celebrities and world leaders - was all the rage for like 2 weeks and now the fellas behind it have shut it down. I submitted my own TFH photo just last night, but alas, it was too late. The guys had already heard from the real Hillary, and figuring they couldn't top that, they closed up shop. I can't blame them. They are probably right. But I missed my chance! Curse you, my own personal writing deadlines taking precedence over photoshopping! I coulda had class. I could been a contender!

But since I've still got the blog, I've posted it here (as you can see it above) where it will always have a place on the interwebs and people can come by and seek it out and get their lolz. I raise a glass to Texts From Hillary, and serenade them with my new favorite farewell song, The Party Goes With You. Take it away, Lindsay Mendez!

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