Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Beloved Astoria in the Pre-Historic Olden Times of the Last Century!

(Has air-conditioning even been inveted yet? Literally everyone in the pool!)

Photo-philes! City-philes! Did you know almost a million images of New York have been made public for the first time over the interwebs? The city's Department of Records has launched an updated the photo database with some amazing black and white photos of what our beloved New York looked like Wonders never cease.

Following the announcement, the site went down due to excessive interest, but you can get a preview of some of the gems here while you wait for the Department of Records to get its act together. If you are like me, seeing all those old fashioned signs and clothes will make you start singing songs from Guys and Dolls. This guys says the horse can do! Two of my personal faves show off my neighborhood of Astoria. The one above shows Astoria Pool packed with people - and the diving board section in full operation (and not a giant empty pit! Amazing!) and the one below shows the Triboro decades before it was renamed the RFK (Triboro 4EVA!) and the area which will eventually become the track that I've run countless miles in marathon training. These pictures rule. And I am ashamed to say before this I never bothered to learn the name of that Railroad Bridge in the background but it's Hellgate! That's effing awesome. I love Astoria. We have a Hellgate! It's not a Hellmouth, but I'll take it.

(Serving up some 1930's Triboro realness.)

So check out the link to the Daily Mail I posted above to see more amazing shots from all over Ancient Times New York and remember to go back to the Dept. of Records when they get their act together. It'll be worth it for the view into our  yesterdays!

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