Saturday, December 11, 2010

O's Christmas Tree: 2010 Edition

Seasons Greetings all. It has been difficult to write this month, since I've been trying to finish up two short plays for submission, and post-writing actually takes time (it only LOOKS like it was thrown together in under five minutes.) so all writing time has gone to that. But now those are mostly under control, so I can post again. Woohoo!

It's Christmastime! Accordingly I have set up this year's tree. Here's a picture:

Nice, eh? There was very little fuss this year. The biggest drama was figuring out where my tree lot had gone. There's a good one that always sets up shop on my corner. but they had to move a few blocks down this year because the new owner of the property where they used to be decided to be a dick and not let them set up shop there again. Boo-urns to that Scrooge, I say.

Anyway, I walked right up to the lot and saw the tree I wanted. Usually I have to go back and forth between a couple, but this one I knew right away. Helping me decorate is an old friend I found over Thanksgiving weekend.

YES. It's Professor Coldheart!! Old nemesis of the Care Bears. In case you're not up on his situation, there is this:

He is the best. We had a great time decorating the tree together. The newest edition to the tree is my Moulin Rouge windmill that I got in Paris. You can see it has a place of great honor near the Shirt Tales ornament which is the oldest ornament I have on my tree.

I have to go buy some more ornaments. I love getting new editions each year. There's always room on the tree for more!

Tomorrow morning is xmas and birthday shopping for the nieces and nephew in the City. Wish me luck! Happy Holidays!

(Don't mess with the Professor!)

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