Saturday, September 11, 2010

To Us And Our Good Fortune! Be Happy! Be Healthy! LONG LIFE!

(To Life! Love-Mob Style!)

So for his wedding LMM had a "little project" in mind to surprise his bride. A little secret song and dance number, if you will. This "little project" grew (as most LMM projects do) into a full-on wedding flash-mob. LMM took to calling it a "love-mob" since a flash mob is really a performance that grows out of strangers in a crowd, and this was a bunch of friends and family creating a special gift for V, so I agree Love-Mob is a more accurate term. Luckily, some amazing video was shot of the performance that came out of nowhere toward the end of the speeches and really did surprise everyone who wasn't involved, but most importantly, the bride and her mother. The youtube has begun to take the internet by storm - as well it should. It's kind of super-awesome. I'm so glad I got to be a part of it. It was such an expression of joy and love and togetherness that was one of many truly special moments over the wedding weekend. I'm doubly glad this video exists because while we were performing, I couldn't quite see V's reaction, and the reaction shots in the footage are really my favorite part of the whole thing. (My second favorite part? TK smiling through the terror of having to dance in front of everyone. My third favorite part? Groomswoman Sles' arm shimmy while she's singing in the quartet. heehee! so many favorite moments!)

(LMM and Father-in-Law start it off right!)

(The Quartet)

(The Groom's Peeps)

(V looking beautiful and surprised)

(V beautifully laughing with delight)

(Me and LAM as the Puerto-Ruskies)

(The bridesmaids join in for the grand finale!)

We rehearsed in secret in NYC a few times before the wedding and then once while we were on-site upstate. Special shout outs to Sles for handling the choreo and for patiently teaching it to us and to Lac for handling the music and the mics and sound. And of course to LMM for organzing it. I can't believe everyone involved managed to keep it a secret from V, especially as people started talking about it more openly after a few drinks were had during the wedding weekend. Still we pulled it off and it was a great moment of celebration with friends and family. To Life, indeed! Enjoy!

Many blessings to LMM and V as they start their lives together as husband and wife! xoxoxo!!

(Mazel Tov!)

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